What would you do if you had a crystal ball?

In times of uncertainty, we’re all craving some insight, guidance, and unique thinking, so what better person to connect with than a Futurist!

Our latest TechTraction guest is Rohit Talwar, a phenomenal and accomplished futurist, thought-leader, bestselling author and keynote speaker. In this fascinating and insightful interview we discuss:

Books by Rohit Talwar, CEO Fast Future Publishing
  • Future trends and potential outcomes in a post-Covid-19 economy
  • The role of technology and optimizing human capital
  • Major Insights and opportunities for change and innovation
Rohit Talwar on TechTraction

Rohit’s most recent book, “A Very Human Future – Enriching Humanity in a Digitized World” is written from the premise that the pace of penetration and scale of disruption of new technologies requires us to adopt a new all-encompassing protective logic for society moving forward. Enriching Humanity in a Digitized World means placing humanity at the center of the agenda so that we avoid dehumanizing ourselves and future generations.”

For more information visit: https://fastfuture.com/

About the author 

Francis Rodino

Francis is a Business Growth Consultant helping tech companies generate direct sales. We provide business development strategy, coaching and marketing programs for the creative technology sector. With over 20 years in media and digital industries, Francis has held senior leadership positions at the BBC, Omnicom Media Group, and most recently, led the global digital marketing team for the $3 Billion Thomson Reuter's spin-off, Clarivate Analytics. In the past 2 years, Direct Access has helped Clients generate over $11M in sales.

April 27, 2020

May 25, 2020

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