Driving strategic, scalable growth for software, device, and technology companies.


Secure broad reach into your most valuable B2C and B2B segments, and generate consideration of new products and services


Differentiate your brand from others with hyper-relevant messaging. Build brand awareness by meeting people where they spend their time online.


Grow revenue by finding high-quality leads with data-driven targeting capabilities. Build a dream list of prospects that can be nurtured into millions of dollars worth of sales.

4 Steps to Market Domination


A fully managed service ambitious CEOs, Founders and Business Leaders who want to grow a targeted LinkedIn network, build their identity, and generate on average 10-20 appointments with senior level decision makers who are looking to invest $50k-$150k in technology solutions. Unrivalled results that will give you an unfair advantage.

Our B2B lead generation service will help you achieve:

  • Qualified new business meetings with prospective clients
  • A dream list of quality clients that can be nurtured into sales worth 6 figures and beyond
  • Your business positioned as the first choice in your market
  • First access to pitch opportunities, briefs and RFPs
  • Bypass the "gatekeepers" and get direct access to high level executives


Advanced retargeting allows you to reconnect with past site visitors, providing value in multiple ways. It helps to raise awareness and keep your brand front of mind for customers. By reminding them of your brand, service, or products, and why it's relevant to their needs, they’re more likely to buy from you. As a study by Nielsen confirmed, consumers tend to buy from familiar brands that they’ve had positive associations with. Reconnecting with your target audience increases engagement, no matter where the prospect is within the buying cycle.


98 percent of B2B customers travel through an intricate sales funnel before making a final purchasing decision. It can take months and multiple encounters to push a single customer through the funnel. Accelerating the process with automation means higher conversions in shorter amounts of time. Additionally automating the laborious process of prospecting will save your team copious amounts of time and allow them to invest those hours in more meaningful and lucrative tasks.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising a website so it appears on page 1 in the search engines, (primarily Google). This is a great way to reach people who are "in market" of your product/service ie. they are actively looking for a solution, regardless of the website or business who is providing it.


From blog articles through to ebooks, case studies and your social media presence fully managed. We have a global team of top talent that is working on your behalf to ensure that you and your business stands out as THE choice in your market.

At Direct Access we have one of the best content creation teams in town. With a global team specialising in B2B content, every piece of content is researched and crafted meticulously with SEO at the core. Whether it's a one-off piece of thought leadership, or monthly blog posts we've got you covered. Our expert team knows exactly what clients want and we can customise each project to be ultr- targeted for your market.


How to Turn Your "Tire Kicker" Leads Into Clients Who Will Invest $50-150k in Your Tech Product or Service