How experimentation can accelerate performance

Today I had the opportunity to talk to Martin Harrison, the Managing director of Kameleoon, the ad optimisation platform making a huge splash into the industry.

With over 10 years of executive leadership experience in the domain of Digital Ecosystems, he manages high growth businesses across the Enterprise and SME markets.

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Kameleoon bills itself as “the most advanced optimization platform on the market.”


It’s an AI-enabled, A/B testing platform that enables marketing teams to launch personalised brand experiences. With its predictive targeting algorithms and harnessing real-time visitor data, the engine can identify optimal segments for ultra-personal campaigns.

In summary, more conversions and better, personalised brand experiences.

Kameleoon has so far successfully entered the French and German market, and they’re getting ready to change the AB-testing and optimisation game in the UK.

Today I’ve got Martin with me and we’re going to talk about what’s his experiences bringing a new tech product to market and what lies ahead in 2020.

Are you leaving money on the table and looking to improve the performance of your campaigns?

Kameleoon will help you quickly and automatically tailor your website and wider digital experience to the needs of each and every one of your visitors. Learn from their behavior and personalize your offers, interactions, navigation, content and messages on all channels.

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