The impact of the current pandemic has sent shockwaves through the market and has shone a light on the efficiency of our business systems. Businesses that are dependent on networking events and conferences for lead generation and sales growth are being tested and now is the time to examine what measures can be taken to future proof your business operations.

In times of crisis and uncertainty, it can be all too easy to fixate on the ominous and terrifying headlines… however, in the same way, that it is important to be vigilant and wary of taking the necessary precautions to stay safe, it is also important to maintain the health of your business. In this article, I would like to share some measures that we are using to help our clients at Direct Access Marketing accelerate their growth and continue building their sales pipeline in order to safeguard their future.

We hope that these tips provide some value to keep your sales pipeline growing and help in this time of crisis so that you can come out the other side winning.

‘Stock Up’ on Prospects (not just toilet paper)

Although trade events, conferences, and other in-person networking meetings are being (rightfully) cancelled, that doesn’t mean that your lead generation and prospecting efforts should be put on hold. Even if you’re still busy with daily business operations, we encourage clients to dedicate time and worthwhile consideration to implementing the right online strategies and innovative systems to continue building a strong pipeline of prospects. Even though physical doors are shut, online channels are wide open and using the right ones can bring in tons of opportunity.

For example, you could be setting up your automated lead generation system, an indoctrination funnel or demos of your products and services through webinars. Online outreach can help you access prospects in numbers not humanly possible.

Reposition Your Messaging (to alleviate customer concerns)

Consider the pain points and concerns of your customers and identify ways in which your product or service can help in this time of uncertainty. Now is the time refocus, reposition and retarget with messaging that highlights the right features & benefits of your business solutions that meet their immediate needs. Make sure the messaging adds value and is consistent on all communication channels, from blog posts to landing pages to sales pitches.

Example: reposition landing page and appropriate collateral, you’re not reinventing the wheel, it’s about repositioning?

Optimise Your Processes (to leverage efficiency)

Consider how your time that was once consumed by travel and face-to-face meetings is now freed up and can be reallocated towards operating in smarter and more agile ways. By mapping out your online sales process, it is possible to analyse each stage of the buyer’s journey and review ways in which your sales funnel could be optimised to drive sales prospects into the buying zone faster. Using virtual strategies and innovative systems can help you drive efficiency and unlock more opportunities than traditional sales methods.

Example: qualifying calls, reactivate old lists, continual nurturing, Loom videos?

Keep Calm (and Keep on Selling) 

If we just focus on the negative and choose to only see red then we will only make fear-based decisions that could be harmful to the future of our business. I am not saying that we should ignore the gravity of the current situation or that the economy won’t suffer; what I am saying is now is not the time to stick our heads in the sand and shut down all marketing and sales efforts until things recover. If anything now is the time to explore alternative opportunities and reallocate investment into the right marketing strategies and sales systems. With every market shock comes the opportunity to adapt and keep evolving, so that when things recover and normalise, your business is in a stronger position than ever before.

About the author 

Francis Rodino

Francis is a Business Growth Consultant helping tech companies generate direct sales. We provide business development strategy, coaching and marketing programs for the creative technology sector. With over 20 years in media and digital industries, Francis has held senior leadership positions at the BBC, Omnicom Media Group, and most recently, led the global digital marketing team for the $3 Billion Thomson Reuter's spin-off, Clarivate Analytics. In the past 2 years, Direct Access has helped Clients generate over $11M in sales.

February 17, 2020

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