If you work in sales, the mere mention of tire kickers may make you roll your eyes. Trying to spot the difference between these non-prospects and real prospects is always tricky business. There is hope, however. Here are the best tips and identifiers out there.

What Are Tire Kickers?

You’ve exerted a lot of energy on the various steps that you’ve been taught to take when trying to close a sale. Hours spent on research, making ward calls, emailing and promoting on multiple social media platforms. After this, if your prospect is drawing things out and dragging their feet, sorry to say but you might have a tire kicker on your hands.

What tire kickers do is drag out the sales cycle. While you, the seller, dedicate all your time and resources to them, in the end you’ll find you don’t even close the sale. They will appear very invested and interested in the sale by engaging and asking questions without actually committing to anything in the end.

Tire Kicker Red Flags

How can you separate tire kickers from respectable prospects? Learning how to catch these red flags is a good place to start. Save yourself from the hair-pulling stress of these no-go sales.

  1. They waste your time.
  2. They won’t have the cash.
  3. There was no research about the sale done.
  4. They won’t match your target criteria.
  5. There will be a lot of schmoosing.
  6. It isn’t urgent.

On their own, these flags aren’t necessarily telling. If you’re checking off more than half, however, you might be in the middle of wasting your time. It may be better to spend your time and energy elsewhere. Working each deal may sound like the way to get somewhere in marketing but your resources will be best spent chasing down quality leads with better chances of scoring a close. It’s the age-old concept of quality over quantity. The best salesperson knows when to walk away and move onto nurturing better fitting prospects which actually buy in the end.

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About the author 

Francis Rodino

Francis is a Business Growth Consultant helping tech companies generate direct sales. We provide business development strategy, coaching and marketing programs for the creative technology sector. With over 20 years in media and digital industries, Francis has held senior leadership positions at the BBC, Omnicom Media Group, and most recently, led the global digital marketing team for the $3 Billion Thomson Reuter's spin-off, Clarivate Analytics. In the past 2 years, Direct Access has helped Clients generate over $11M in sales.

February 19, 2020

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